Baby It’s Cold Outside


…and that means the air inside is DRY. My Grandparents always kept pie tins with water on the heat vents, and I don’t remember them getting colds in the winter. Unless you use a  humidifier, the Polar Vortex is wreaking havoc on the  air you are breathing at home.

I bought a Vicks humidity meter and as you can see in the above picture, it was reading 23% humidity. That equals more dust and dry noses. If you can keep the humidity level in your home at 25% to 60%, you will breath much better. If you have coughs or colds, you need even more humidity in the air.

Do you have a Crock Pot hiding in the back of your cupboard? I use mine for a humidifier when the air gets too dry. With the lid off, it will put much needed moisture in the air without worry that it will boil dry before you know it.  Make some pasta or cook potatoes for supper,and besides making an awesome side dish, you’ll add some humidity while you cook. Leave the bathroom door open while showering  to allow the moisture to travel out into the house.  And don’t forget you can always put dishes of water out near heat sources.  It  won’t take long to see and feel the difference.

JillBaby It’s Cold Outside

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